Over the past years I have had the opportunity to create (and be involved in the creation of) some interesting things! Click on the headings to learn more about each 😉

Trinidad-Online.org (1996-2003)

Upon learning HTML in 1996 I immediately began creating personal webpages around my interests. The largest one, and the one that had the most success was Trinidad-Online.org.

De Rumshop Lime (1996-2003)
As Trinidad-Online began to attract attention from Trinidadians from all four corners of the earth, I decided that what was missing was that quintessential Trini artform ‘the lime’. Thus was born, De Rumshop Lime. This service was hosted by Yahoo! and allowed fans of the site to converse in real-time.
WGBY 57 – PBS (1997)
In the summer of 1997 I was thrilled to be awarded a programming internship at WGBY 57, Western Massachusett’s PBS affiliate. Only 2 college students are selected each year and the other recipient was a young man from Yale whose name I have since forgotten
TaurusWeb Designs (1998-2005)
In 1998 upon graduation I began TaurusWeb Designs, and really ramped it into gear after returning to Trinidad. I operated it until 2005, and expanded my offerings from solely website construction, to graphic design, print work, marketing plans and copywriting. My client base extended from Trinidad to the US, UK, Austria and the Far East.
Kalypso (1998)
Upon graduation I was excited to launch my own publication. Armed with a long forgotten desktop publishing program, bristle board for mockups and a nearby Kinkos I was ready to unleash my rather heretical point of view onto the world!
Underwire Radio (1999-2001)
From 1999 – 2001, I ran underwire:: the 24 hour sound of Trinidad-Online.

Operating via Live365.com it was one of the first 24 hour online Trinidadian music stations.

Ethnography and the Internet (2000)
At the ripe old age of 22 my work on the above was featured in a book by (names) for (publisher/school)!
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