I often get asked who does my sites for me. Well the answer is myself. The next question usually then is where did I learn how? The answer to that is that I’m self-taught.

I first stumbled onto the world of HTML quite accidentally in 1996. A classmate was at an Apple LC (wow remember those) inthe Jahnige Computer Lab staring at what appeared to me to be a text file of gibberish. I asked her what she was up to and she told me she was trying to learn how to build a webpage. It had never occurred to me, until then, that a webpage was something that an ordinary person could put together!

The world wide web was still in its infancy, and it was in many ways like a wild frontier, much more so than now. Those were the days when Amazon had an easy to find phone number, one could personally contact the guys at Yahoo! for inclusion in their ‘directory’ – and they’d write back!, and the dominant browser was NCSA Mosaic.

That night I went to my computer, an Apple Performa 636CD – aw yeah!, and built my first page. I quickly became something of a go-to person on campus for things of that sort, and built several internal departmental websites as well as working on some interactive multimedia compilations for The Center for Foreign Languages and Cultures (CFLAC) which was my primary on-campus employer. My first real online success, Trinidad-Online, also came out of this learning period.

In 1998 upon graduation I began TaurusWeb Designs, and really ramped it into gear after returning to Trinidad. I operated it until 2005, and expanded my offerings from solely website construction, to graphic design, print work, marketing plans and copywriting. My client base extended from Trinidad to the US, UK, Austria and the Far East.

Moving onward from TaurusWeb did not put a stop to my web development abilities or my involvement in online marketing or networking though! 😉

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