On the set of “Cooking ” – April 2016 Necklace by 

Wow! I never expected to take such a long hiatus from this site. Unfortunately, shortly after my initial postings here my father fell ill and eventually passed away a year ago this month. In the time since, it has taken a lot of effort to maintain my interest/passion for blogging. Slowly I have challenged myself to return through other creative avenues such as photography and (believe it or not) learning Korean! You can follow my interest in the Korean language and culture (from a distinctly Caribbean perspective) on my new site! So much has changed in re: fashion, and design in just the last two years. I have been avidly following and documenting events on my personal Instagram and am excited to share those developments here from now on 🙂 . Do indulge me as I will probably jump back and forth time-wise to make sure all of my efforts are eventually archived here. I have no desire to try to be an all-encompassing or dispassionate voice, however to the extent that I can be part of a larger local and regional dialogue I hope that ,y contributions will be received warmly 🙂  Rather this site truly is my personal “isle of style”, a space where I can highlight and share those people, places and moments that have stood out to me along the way as I live my life here on the island of Trinidad.