As Trinidad-Online began to attract attention from Trinidadians from all four corners of the earth, I decided that what was missing was that quintessential Trini artform ‘the lime’. Thus was born, De Rumshop Lime. This service was hosted by Yahoo! and allowed fans of the site to converse in real-time. The combination of live chat room and discussion board was perfect for ‘galivanting’ and spawned colorful figures like ‘louisthelover’, ‘dbirju’ and rony p (who eventually became co-moderator).

Noteable Rumshop Lime moments include an epic 24-hour chat-a-thon hosted by myself and Rony, as well as several live meetups that were hold at holiday times in Trinidad in the late 90s and early ’00s, not to mention the numerous romances it spawned – including the marriage of Rony to ‘trinidadgirl’ another Rumshop loyalist!

The end of Yahoo’s chatroom service ended De Rumshop Lime’s era of dominance (over 2000 members!) It touched and changed many lives in its time and it’s memory is dear to my heart, especially when old-timers still refer to me as ‘Tuls’ 🙂