Writing and publishing have always been fantasies of mine. Throughout the 90’s the bug of self-publishing started to rise and a new format ‘zines was all the rage among teens and college students. These DIY imprints had a wildly renegade ethos, heavily photocopied graphics and a mish-mosh of typography. In a word, it was thrilling!

Upon graduation I was excited to launch my own publication. Armed with a long forgotten desktop publishing program, bristle board for mockups and a nearby Kinkos I was ready to unleash my rather heretical point of view onto the world!

Envisioned as a quarterly publication I was only able to publish 3 issues before I returned to Trinidad. In that time though I was happy to receive a moderate subscription level, which included some high-profile individuals. My parents did not take kindly to the idea of my keeping it alive domestically and I respected their wishes. Still, I am proud of the work that I put into it and the results which I achieved in its too-short lifespan. Every now and then I leaf through the one or two physical issues which have survived my physical travels and smile.

I plan to archive several of the articles and interviews on this site, in the hope that the legacy of some of the content may live on.