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Welcome to the newest chapter of my online creative journey!


With sarina•U  my aim is to continue to create and share the content that I have always given to the world for FREE while also providing inspirational and educational value-added content at a lower price point than most  of the stand-alone programs available online.


I invite all of you who have met me in my various incarnations to come together under one banner and start to have those same cross-disciplinary conversations and moments that have been so valuable to me in my own life.


By becoming a member of sarina•U you give me the opportunity to be my truest self, an artist with a message of positivity and in turn you will find a safe, giving community of people who think big and believe in their own potential. You can raise or lower your tier of access at any time. You can leave at any time. You can return at any time. I will never hold it against you. Ever! 🤗


For as little as $1 USD/month you can gain access!


Click below for all the details!