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Welcome to! This site serves as a collation of my online activities and offline pursuits in the exciting emerging genre of Caribbean Lifestyle.

A multi-passionate artist and serial entrepreneur I am currently hard at work on my next project “sarina•U”.

But who am I exactly? Well, if you are here, you probably know one aspect or two about me. But here’s the official semi-breakdown 🙂

“Sarina encourages others to add a dash of Caribbean Glam™ to their lives through a holistic blend of food, fashion, design and personal development”

For most people the phrase “Caribbean Glam” conjures up images of yachts, sarongs, sunsets and sand. While these may be external components of the concept for me it goes so much deeper.

I see Glam as the idealised, externalised representation of our truest selves. When nurtured and embraced it physically embodies our values and ideal. My work, infused with a strongly Caribbean aesthetic, aims to empower you to amp your own Glam Quotient, regardless of where you may be starting from.

A 1998 Departmental Honours graduate of Smith College, I’ve never been one to shy away from the challenge of self expression. Whether it was designing my independent major “Society and the Moving Image”, producing on-air shorts for PBS, self-publishing the socio-political zine “Kalypso”, being the first female to form and lead one of Trinidad’s earliest and largest online portals “” or establishing the critically acclaimed online Caribbean radio station “Underwire”, I have always been inspired by the interplay of technology, design and culture.

As social media grew from its infancy into the force it is today I leveraged its power to launch additional brands that built on these themes. First was Mirari Coaching which helped people to transform their personal and professional lives through a unique combination of traditional coaching techniques and innovative spiritual practices. The success of my methods, and the media coverage they generated led to an invitation in 2006 to host my own weekly call-in program on Trinidad’s Heartbeat 103.5 FM. An award-winning food blog quickly followed, expanding the concept of Caribbean Glam to tables around the world. I then launched “Sweet Han'” the Caribbean’s second live weekly webcast cooking series and the first to be hosted by a woman and to feature live musical guests! Google called it (and me) “One to Watch”!

Fresh off the success of that run offers came in from overseas, unfortunately my father’s health took a turn for the worse at that point and over the next year and a half I became a primary caregiver as he battled and ultimately, in 2015, succumbed to cancer. During that time I stumbled across Korean dramas and music and found myself rapidly welcoming the distraction and respite they provided. I started taking Korean language classes while also actively working on my photography skills. Somehow those diversions turned into fashion work that was printed in magazines and the launch of another brand Kimchi x Kallaloo.

Now, in 2018, I am revamping TriniGourmet, continuing to grow Kimchi x Kallaloo, and channeling the lessons I have learned through the years into my newest journey sarina•U an online platform for “Sun-Kissed Positivity™”.

To date my work has garnered mentions and profiles in The New York Times, Travel Channel, Condé Nast Traveler, She Caribbean, all Trinidadian daily newspapers, Zagat and more. For a list of my ever-growing media mentions visit my Press Room 🙂 And check out my media reel below!