Beyond Wealth: Robert Frost’s Poem ‘Money’ and the True Meaning of Abundance

Beyond Wealth: Robert Frost’s Poem ‘Money’ and the True Meaning of Abundance
Robert Frost

Never ask of money spent
Where the spender thinks it went.
Nobody was ever meant
To remember or invent
What he did with every cent.

What does abundance mean to you? Is it measured purely in material terms or do non-physical forms also hold value?

These are the lines of thought that come to mind when I read Robert Frost’s short poem “Money”.

Although frugality can be laudable taken to the extreme it can rob us of experiences, items and moments whose value can not simply be quantified in dollar amounts.

This poem also warns against armchair moralizing. It’s so easy to criticize others for what they spend their money on, or how much they paid (or didn’t pay) for something. However, Frost cautions us to understand that this simply isn’t our place.

One of the pillars of a prosperity or abundance mindset is understanding that what others have doesn’t limit or reduce what is waiting for us. With that outlook it becomes easier to be genuinely happy for others, their successes and possessions while also appreciating and taking note of what in our lives already makes us prosperous as well!

If you find yourself constantly engaging with internal scripts that emphasize beliefs in limitation and lack do understand that this is quite common, and where false concepts of “falling behind” and “FOMO” emerge from. I have found this video to be very helpful and I hope you do too!